Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

Bertrand Russell

Institute of Computing
Universidade Federal Fluminense

Campus Praia Vermelha, Predio IC – Sala 527.
Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza, s/nº
Niterói (Rio de Janeiro) Brasil – 24210-346

  •    lmarti at ic dot uff dot br
  •    +55 (21) 2629 5665
  •    +55 (21) 2629 5627

Main research topics

  • Evolutionary computation
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Estimation of distribution algorithms
  • EMO convergence and stopping criteria

  • Multi-objective genetic programming
  • Computational intelligence
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Data fusion
  • Deep learning
  • Connectionism vs. symbolism
  • Big data
  • High-performance and cloud computing
  • Logistics, aerospace and oil industries applications
  • Adaptive robotics

Active Projects

  • 2015 2017

    ELUCID: Electronic Local but Universal Computer Intrusion Detection System

    INRIA/Saclay and ThereSIS, Thales Communications & Security, funded by BPI France

  • 2014 2017

    Research on Ambient Intelligence

    Funded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) - Science without Borders Special Visiting Researcher Program

  • 2014 2017

    ADD Cont: Data mining for optimization of the externalization process in large-scale engineering projects to increase reliability and avoid over-litigation

    ADDLabs (UFF) and Petrobras

  • 2013 2016

    InnEMO: Innovation in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization: Novel Approaches and Applications

    Funded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) - Science without Borders Young Talents of Science Attraction Program (407851/2012-7)

  • 2012 2016

    ADD SUB III: Spatial reasoning and hybrid metaheuristic optimization for offshore oil extraction field configuration

    ADDLabs (UFF) and Petrobras

  • 2012 2016

    ADD SMS: Applying data mining and optimization to discover non-evident causes of petroleum industry accidents

    ADDLabs (UFF) and Petrobras

Past Projects

  • 2014 2015

    Addressing Current Challenges in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization

    funded by German Research Foundation (DFG), involving PUC-Rio, TU Dortmund and University of Münster

  • 2012 2014

    ADD CIM-TBM: Adaptive supervision, visualization and fault forecasting of oil platform turbomachinery

    ADDLabs (UFF) and Petrobras (6000.0026842.06.2)

  • 2012 2013 A multi-channel customer opinion gathering and mining platform

    Innology Ventures

  • 2012 2014

    Adaptable fusion based on context: Advanced systems for surveillance, air traffic control and navigation

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2012/00092/001)

  • 2012 2012

    Knowledge management for the improvement of the administrative and management processes of the Spanish university system

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (2012/00116/001)

  • 2010 2013

    CONTEXTS: Concepts and technologies for the development of contextual services

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (S2009/TIC–1485)

  • 2009 2011

    Surveillance, navigation and detection technologies: Conflict resolution for the future European air traffic management systems - CNS/ATM

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (TEC2008– 06732–C02–02)

This list is being updated.